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One Day in Christchurch

Christchurch - city of street art, architecture, food and coffee houses

When talking about New Zealand's South Island most people will tell you Queenstown is the place to be. I am here to show you why you should visit Christchurch if you love any of the following - street art, architecture, food and/or a good coffee house.

When most people hear about Christchurch, or ChCh as it's often being referred to, they think of the 2011 Christchurch earthquake that killed 185 people and was the country's fifth-deadliest disaster.

The results of the earthquake are still visible all over the city. The whole city is still basically a huge construction site thus driving around Chch can be quite frustrating. The good thing is - Christchurch is great walking city! Most of the accommodation and things to do are located in the city centre and they are all within an easy walking distance.

A day in Christchurch

  • Eat breakfast at Black Betty Cafe

  • Walk around the city / take the historic tram / pick up free map of the city and follow tram's route on foot. You get the same views for free and you also exercise so you don't feel bad about eating all the delicious food later. (:

  • Discover landmarks, attractions, pop up projects and artworks by following the tram path marked on Christchurch map