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Traditional Tea House in Seoul

After visiting some of the trendiest cafes in Seoul like Zapangi Vending Machine, Harry Potter Cafe and black and white 2D cafe, it was time for me to visit a more traditional Korean tea house.

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This charming tea house with equally as charming name Moon Bird Only Does Think Of Only The Moon (달새는달만생각한다) is located in traditional Korean house also called hanok .

This traditional hanok tea house is located in one of the back alleys of Insadong and is one of these places you need to know where to look to find it.

Off the main road and covered in lush greenery it can easily be passed by even when you know where to look. Make sure to check and plan the route on the map to make sure you won’t get lost on your quest to finding some premium tea experience in South Korea.

The entry covered in greenery kind of reminded me of the The Hobbit Hole (That time I visited Hobbiton). You will need to slide the door for entry.

Interior design of this place is rustic, traditional and antique, creating warm and cozy atmosphere. Once you step through the door, it feels like you have been transformed back in time.

The walls are covered in scribbles and notes left by the customers and there is a napkin wall where you can leave a napkin with your message on it.