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Sara's Bucket List Part 1

We all have bucket lists whether we realise it or not. There's always this one thing we want to do. That concert we want to see. That country we want to visit. That coffee shop we wanna try.

I was lucky enough to tick a couple of them off in my last year whilst I was/am living and traveling Australia. There are still plenty of things left to do and I am looking forward to ticking them off as I go.

Let me give you a quick overview of my life ever since I moved to Australia in April 2016. (April - July)



I moved from London to a beautiful sunny Melbourne


I had Cake By The Ocean ;) in St. Kilda

This was also my first time seeing the ocean!



I had some amazing milkshakes at Naughty Boy Cafe

And Three One 2 One (I also recommend their AMAZING burgers!)

I've seen Melbourne from Melbourne Star

Went for wine tasting in Yarra Valley



I literally lived across the street of the Carlton Gardens

Fell in love with Fitzroy Gardens (Did you know that Cook's Cottage is the oldest building in Australia?)



I have seen Jake Bugg for the 10th (yes) time at the Palais Theatre

Who was supported by Blossoms

Visited the famous Brighton Beach

Had rainbow coffee at Too Many Chiefs

Went to see Duke Dumont


Sometimes I only realise how many things happened once I look back through my camera roll. I'm looking forward to sharing more of my favourite moments I've collected (I'm still collecting) on this journey that is leading me God knows where (:


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