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Disneyland and Creme & Sugar

If you follow my Instagram then you are probably aware that I was spending some time in the USA recently. In particular in LA and Vegas.

We have started our adventure in Anaheim aka the home of Disneyland.


Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love colorful food and cakes. So once we have finally landed in LA and settled down in our hotel, our first stop (before even hitting Disneyland) was one of our favourite Instagram cafes and home of the unicorn hot chocolate - Creme & Sugar.

After me and Chloë have been obsessing over their Instagram page for literally ages, we have finally tasted the goods ourselves, and let me tell you - they were absolutely delicious!

I have ordered limited edition Belle shake (after the princess Belle in Beauty and the Beast in case the colour didn't give it away already;)

and Mermaid cake.

Chloë has ordered signature Unicorn shake.

It is a cute little shop with cozy interior and if you ever find yourself in the Anaheim area I most definitely recommend you give them a visit. You will love it!


After we overdosed on sugary sweets (after a 12hr flight we definitely deserved it) we finally made our way to one of the biggest attractions in the city - Disneyland.

Disneyland is definitely a must do with it's two parks. Disneyland in LA consists of two parks: Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park. In general, the second one tends to be less crowded as the attractions there are just a lill bit less famous as the ones in the Disneyland Park.

We were staying there for two full days and I would definitely recommend anyone to stay there for more than a day so you can fully enjoy all the benefits of two parks.

Tip: Download Disneyland's official app as it's really handy. It shows you literally everything that you need to know if you want to maximize your time there. It offers you up to date information on queue times, what characters are appearing where (so you can get a photo with your favourite character and obligatory Mickey photo!) and it also lets you book themed meals.

Some would say Disneyland is overpriced, but to be honest, I've found it reasonably priced. You can bring food and drinks in the park, but we decided to just fully embrace everything Disney has to offer.

Disney offers Character Dining experience and for someone who's been obsessed with Disney Princesses ever since I was a little girl - Ariel's Disney Princess Celebration Lunch was a no brainer.

For the price of cca $60 USD per person (tip included) you get

a delicious (And huuuuge) 3 course meal plus photo op with all your favourite princesses! (*Cinderella*) Whilst you wait and then eat your food, princesses gradually enter the room, have a small dancing number and then mingle with the guests around the room. IF you are a fan of Disney Princesses, this one is most definitely a must do!



Dessert (sorbet for Chloë and cakes for me :D)

Like I mentioned in the Tip above, do keep an eye out on the app for the character appearances. Also, do not forget to check out the smaller restaurants and stores lined down the road for pretty little snacks!

Like this Mickey shaped macaroon

And Minnie shaped cake pops.

Do look out for the balloons. They only bring the white ones out after the sunset as they do light up in the dark!

Disneyland really is a magical place and something worth spending your money on.

Stay tuned for more LA and Vegas adventures. :)

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