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Universal Studios, Street Art and Walk of Fame

After two days of Disney it was time for us to relocate to West Hollywood or as the locals call it - WeHo. We spent a few days here whilst we were visiting Universal Studios, Walk of Fame, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Hollywood Sign and surrounding areas.


We were staying in the beautiful Chamberlain West Hollywood hotel.

Look at how pretty our room was!

The pool view was not bad either!

One of our first stops was Melrose Avenue which is know for it's shops, dining, celeb spotting and famous street art like these famous angel wings.

One thing you need to take into the account when visiting LA is that walking everywhere is just not an option. The streets go on for ages but luckily Uber is quite cheap and a ride from one to another end of Melrose Avenue will cost you around $6. Drivers in general are really nice and friendly (complete opposite of London!) and really contribute to the whole American experience.

Of course we had to visit the Walk of Fame which I have to say smells like pee. :D

It is one of those 'Must Do-s' so definitely worth to take time to walk down the street one way, cross the road, and make your way back.

You can always take a break and do some shopping. ;)

If you love your movies, TV shows and especially Harry Potter - then Universal Studios is an absolute dream for you. So many things to do and try!

My favourite was definitely The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™.

The main street is littered with magical shops and a stop at Honeydukes is a must!

It looks so cute and the sweets and pastries they sell there are so pretty!

You can purchase an interactive wand at the Ollivanders

and make things in the shop windows move! (Tho I gotta say you do look a bit silly doing it :D)

The Wizarding Word in LA is not that big but in comparison to the one in London it has a couple of rides. My absolute favourite ride of the whole park was Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™ followed by the Jurassic Park ride.

Universal studios is smaller than Disneyland so it makes for a nice day out. With a bit of planning you can most definitely fit in all the shows and rides in one day.

And of course I had to take a picture of this famous door. :D

I almost had a heart attack here as there are actors dressed up as zombies wandering around the place. They come really close and right in your face but they are not allowed to touch you. I would not advise this attraction to anyone who gets easily scared (aka me).

After a long day of exploring the Studios we had a quick look at the Universal Citywalk which is full of shops and restaurants.

We have stopped at the infamous Hot Topic

and my Supernatural fangirl side got really excited over this particular display:D


In my next post I'm gonna talk about LA Food (and Celeb spotting places), Santa Monica and the Hollywood sign and after that I will move to one of my favourite parts of this trip - Las Vegas!

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