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Haruru Falls Mangrove Walk

Just a short walk up the street from Waitangi Treaty Grounds lies one of the hidden gems of Paihia - Haruru Falls Mangrove Walk.

This walk was on my 'must do' list ever since I've accidentally stumbled across a photo of it on Instagram.

As it was the middle of the week and the weather forecast was not the best I have probably only met five people on the 5 km walk. Even though the sign states the walk takes approximately 1.5 hour, it took me over two hours to reach Haruru Falls due to the fact that there were parts of the path that turned into little rivers and muddy puddles (it rained heavily over the night). I have also made a lot of stops on my way to enjoy the views and take a lot of pictures.

You can easily reach Haruru falls with a car but in my opinion, the mangrove walk (which lies half way between the Treaty Grounds and the Falls) is way more impressive than the falls themselves.

This walk was most definitely one one of my favourite parts of this trip and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I would also recommend this walk to anyone visiting Bay of Islands.

I have encountered another rooster gang! (Check my One Tree Hill post to read about Auckland's rooster gangs)

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