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Rotoroa Island - Private Island Experience in Auckland (Day Trip)

If you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be on a private island and you find yourself wondering what to do in Auckland - I have great news for you!

Just a short ferry ride away from Auckland there is this little hidden gem called Rotoroa Island. The Island used to be off the limits for public for almost 100 years as it was purchased by the Salvation Island and it was used as alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre.

Noways, Rotoroa (not to be confused with Rotorua) is in partnership with Auckland Zoo predator free wildlife sanctuary and conservation park in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf.

There is only one ferry going to the island and one ferry going off the island, thus you are "stuck" there for a day with approximately 50 other people (that sounds like plot episode of Lost, doesn't it? :D). There is no shops on the island so make sure you take food and water with you.

The visit starts with a short health and safety briefing and if you are lucky, you might be able to see a release of a kiwi in the wild.

A kiwi release was scheduled for the day of our visit but the rangers have found rat tracks on the island thus the release was rescheduled.

(Tip: Follow Auckland Zoo's Instagram page to be up to date on the animal release dates.)

Even though we were slightly disappointed by the news (damn rats!), we didn't let that crush our spirits.