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Seoul - City Run by K-Pop & Skin Care

Seoul At First Glance - What To Expect & Top Things To Do

I have just returned from South Korea’s capital city and I can honestly say I miss it already. There are so many things I loved about Seoul and in this blog post I’m going to let you know my top 14 observations I have made about this city.

  • 1. Themed Cafes - They are Everywhere

Harry Potter themed cafe, cafe/cocktail bar with a pool, black and white cafe, cafe where you can pet raccoons, sheep, or meerkats, cat cafes, dog cafes, cafes inside the wending machine, cafes owned by idols… name it and Seoul has it. Some of them are so new that they don't even have geotags yet! So you have to rely on social media posts to find the locations.

Seoul has more coffee shops per capita than Seattle (home of Starbucks) or San Francisco! It is completely normal for a shop that sells apparel or beauty products to also have a cafe located inside - no matter how big is the shop!

A look into the famous Zapangi vending machine cafe.

Top 10 Seoul cafes you should visit.

  • 2. Shopping in Myeongdong Until 4 AM

The only things open in Seoul before 11AM are tourist attractions. Everything else opens after that - cafes, restaurants and (not grocery and convenience) shops will usually open around midday.

Not only do the shops open late, they also close late. It is completely normal to still find shops open at 2AM no matter what day of the week it is.

For a true shopping experience one must visit Myeongdong. Skin care shops, apparel shops, department stores, street food vendors, ... They are all gathered there. You can buy everything that you need there, re energize with a coffee and treat yourself to a delicious meal after you have bought everything that you do and do not need.

  • 3. BTS and BT21 are EVERYWHERE

Nation’s favourite sons who are (among other things) also official Seoul and Lotte Duty Free ambassadors can be heard playing everywhere whilst their cartoon creations BT21 are official mascots of Incheon airport. They are smiling from bakery windows, beauty stores, souvenir shops and stands, billboards and underpass walls.

You can meet BTS in an interactive experience for free at the Star Avenue located between LOTTE Department Store and LOTTE Hotel in Myeongdong.

If you are after a pair of Koya socks, RJ cheese cake, Mang post it notes, Tata luggage tag, Shooky ice cream, Chimmy reheatable hand warmers, Cooky tumblr or a coke can with one of the member’s faces on it - read this blog where to buy official BT21 and BTS march. I also have a blog post dedicated to dining at Jin's restaurant.