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Where To Buy BTS and BT21 Merchandise in Seoul

[*Updated August 2020]

When coming to buying BTS and BT21 merchandise in Seoul it is more of a question WHAT not to buy than WHERE to buy. They are literally EVERYWHERE.

I have compiled a handy guide to buying BTS and BT21 products in South Korea's capital city which you can find below.

Check out these places that sell BTS and BT21 merchandise + organise birthday cafe events in London

Where To Buy BTS Merchandise

1) VT Store

VT x BTS cosmetics

VT stores also sell VT x BT21 collection.

My purchase: Nothing, they are hard to find, small and overcrowded.

2) Nature Collection

Whilst VT flagship stores seem to be extremely hard to find in Seoul (I have only seen 1 in Myeongdong and know about the other one in Hongdae). Luckily, you can easily find VT x BTS collection in all Nature Collection shops.


My purchase: Triple power mascara, Lip Rogue 09 lip gloss, Born Natural healing hand Cream "We're Still Young".

Both, hand creams and lip glosses, come in 7 different variations. Every hand cream is named with a cute quote.

Every Purchase qualified for a gift - Halloween poster and every purchase over 30 000 KRW also qualified you to an additional gift of 7 postcards.

3) 7/11 & GS25 Convenience Stores

BTS x Coca Cola

Literally every convenience store caries BTS and Coke special edition cans. Most of the shops only carry one or two members though. It kind of became like an Easter egg hunting game when we would go into the shop and try to find all the members.