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Kim Seokjin BTS Restaurant Seoul

BTS member Kim Seokjin and his brother open Japanese style restaurant close to Lotte World. Read more for what you need to know to plan stress free visit.

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Even though Kpop Idols’ main career might be singers and performers, a lot of them have side businesses. It is not uncommon for Kpop Idol to own a cafe or a restaurant. Members of EXO, BIGBANG, Block B, 2AM and many more own a restaurant or cafe.

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Even if you are not big on Kpop, you have probably heard of BTS - the biggest Kpop group in the world at this moment. Even though the members are always busy with either recording, filming, practicing choreography, or performing, the oldest member of the band Kim Seokjin (stage name Jin) has found enough time (he is also currently studying for his masters degree) to open a brand new Japanese restaurant right next to Seokchon Lake and Lotte World in Seoul. This is allegedly his second restaurant that he owns with his brother.

The opening of the restaurant is very on brand as Jin is known for his Vlive series EatJin. As a big lover of food himself, it is no surprise he ventured into the restaurant business.

The restaurant’s name is 오쓰 세이로무시 which is romanized into Otsu Seiromushi. However, the restaurant seems to be commonly referred to as Ossu Seiromushi online.


The restaurant specialises in steamed Japanese dishes. They serve seiro-mushi style cooked food where the food is being cooked at your table in front of your eyes!

First the server will bring a pot with water and place it on electric stove. Once the water in the pot is hot enough for steaming, the server will return with boxes of food.

Seiro-mushi at Ossu Seiromushi consists of two stacked wooden steamers made out of cypress wood. The bottom crate is filled with a selection vegetables such as potatoes, bok choy, mushrooms, root vegetables, seaweed and egg.

The top steamer box is filled with thinly sliced trio of meats: Jeju pork and two kinds of beef. Jeju is an island located at the south end of the Korea and meat from there is considered to be of premium quality and premium commodity.

The two wooden boxes are put on top of each other and covered with a wooden lid. You need to wait around 15 minutes for the food to steam.

Because the food is cooked without any additional sauces, seasonings or oils, the meal itself is healthy. However, if you are used to a lot of seasonings and spices, the meal might taste a bit bland to you. The meal is served with selection of sauces so you can dip your food into them.