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7 Konditores and Cafes You Must Visit in Innsbruck

Innsbruck might be a small city in comparison to the capital Vienna, but one thing that it's for sure is there is no lack of good quality Austrian Konditoreis to have your pick from.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and I am not receiving any compensation for writing this. Any links included in this post are not affiliate links and I'm only including them for reader's convenience. I am writing this because I want to share my experience with you.

What is a Konditorei?

Konditorei is a mix of a cafe and a pastry shop. Konditoreis are a popular place for people to meet and catch up over a cup of tea or coffee and a slice of cake (Kaffee und Kuchen). What differentiates Konditores from cafes is a wide selection of pastries and the purpose of having drinks and pastries at the premises instead of getting a takeaway.

Cafes focus more on the beverages part of the menu, whilst Konditoreis offer a wider selection of pastries and some even serve breakfast.

Konditoreis are very popular in Austrian culture and since I have visited Innsbruck so many times by now the tourist sites do not interest me anymore, most of my visits to Innsbruck are spent simply cafe/Konditorei hopping with a friend or on my own with some good reading material in tow.

Good Konditorei / cafe is not just about the menu. It is also about the ambient. I share my 7 favourite spots in Innsbruck where you can relax with a good book or catch up with a friend over a piece of cake and a brew.

To avoid any confusion - most Konditoreis in Innsbruck go with a name Café So And So.

You will find that most Konditoreis and cafes in Innsbruck carry a varied selection of newspapers displayed on wooden newspaper holders you can read over your Kaffee und Kuchen.

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1. Café Mundig

Mundig Konditorei-Cafe is one of my favourite places in Innsbruck. This family owned cafe is over 200 (!) years old and it is also the oldest cafe in Tirol.

I can spend hours here just reading and people watching in a cosy booth by a big window. This is also a perfect place for a catch up over a coffee and cake.

WHERE: It is located in the old city, just around the corner from the Golden Roof.

BEST FOR: Breakfast, Kaffee und Kuchen (chat over a coffee and cake), people watching, quick break from a busy day, reading and writing

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MUST TRY: Breakfast!, Mundig hot chocolate where you get all the ingredients separately and then you make your own hot chocolate

Address: Kiebachgasse 16, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria


2. Strudel Café Kröll

Best Strudel in town! Strudel Café Kröll can be found in the Altstadt (old town), just a minute walk away from the Golden Roof and across the alleyway from Sacher Cafe and one of my favourite restaurants in Innsbruck - Stiftskeller.

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WHERE: It is located in the city centre opposite of Sacher Cafe.

BEST FOR: Strudel, gluten free breakfast

MUST TRY: Apfelstrudel