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Pink Cafes in Seoul

Seoul is known for its rich coffee shop scene. The city is home to many themed cafes like 7 storey(!) Harry Potter Cafe in Hongdae and numerous BT21 / Line Friends cafes.

I have previously written about 10 cafes you should visit in Seoul. This time I offer you a list of 10 pink cafes you can find in South Korea's capital.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and I am not receiving any compensation for writing this. Any links included in this post are not affiliate links and I'm only including them for reader's convenience. I am writing this because I want to share my experience with you.​

1. Cafe MAMMAMIA (도산공원 카페 맘마미아) 🌺

You can find this hot pink cafe in the trendy Gangnam-gu district. The cafe serves drinks and brunch. There is also a bakery inside.

The place has outdoor seating and two floors. The upper floor consists of bright open space decorated with pretty lights, art pieces and greenery.

☕️ The prices of drinks start at 4 500 KRW for espresso and go all the way up to 8 500 KRW for fruit juices. Brunch will cost you up to 23 000 KRW per item.

You can even bring your pet with you to the garden.

📍 Address (English): 45 Apgujeong-ro 42-gil, Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

📍 Address (Korean): 서울특별시 강남구 압구정동 압구정로42길 45

📸 Instagram: @mammamiadosan

2. Dore Dore (도레도레) 🍰

This three-storey cafe is famous for its cakes. You will find pink coloured walls on the second floor of the cafe.

☕️ The prices of drinks start at 4 300 KRW for espresso and go all the way up to 7 500 KRW for a melon soda. You will pay up to 9 500 KRW for a big piece of one of their signature cakes.

📍 Address (English): 40 Dosan-daero 15-gil, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

📍 Address (Korean): 서울특별시 강남구 신사동 도산대로15길 40

📸 Instagram: @doredoreofficial

3. Melting Pom (멜팅폼) 🌈

Do you like unicorns, pastel colours and Pomeranians?

Meting Pom can easily be mistaken for a pastel loving girl's bedroom. And that's for a reason! The tables and chairs are here replaced with beds.

☕️ The prices for drinks and desserts start at around 4 000 KRW and go up to 7 000 KRW.

Warning, you will have to wear slippers inside so make sure your socks don't have holes in them!

This cafe is located slightly out of the city, so the best way to reach it is to take Line 1 to Hankguk University of Foreign Studies station. The cafe is located in the basement of the building.

📍 Address (English): 264-410, Imun-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul

📍 Address (Korean): 서울 동대문구 천장산로7길 10-3 지하

📸 Instagram: @meltingpom

4. Style Nanda Pink Hotel Myeongdong (스타일난다 핑크풀카페) 🛍

The whole Stylenanda store in Myeongdong where this cafe is locate