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Where to Buy BT21 and BTS Merchandise in London

[*Updated December 2020*]


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and I am not receiving any compensation for writing this. Any links included in this post are not affiliate links and I'm only including them for reader's convenience. I am writing this because I want to share my experience with you.


Previously I wrote about where to buy BT21 and BTS merchandise in Seoul and I also wrote about BT21 themed cafes operating as part of Line Friends BT21 merchandise.

Until recently, Europe was pretty much forgotten by Line Friends and BT21 fans were doomed to inflated double prices from Amazon and eBay resellers. But things are slowly getting better for Europeans as well. There are now a few resellers from whom you can buy official BT21 merchandise.

London was briefly blessed with BT21 pop-up store that operated in the week when BTS had their two Wembley concerts.

Whilst BT21 pop up shop had some cute London specific items, it was lacking “standard” Official BT21 merchandise.

BT21 Pop-up shop also returned back for three weekends in November 2019 with a limited amount of apparel, posters and mugs.

With a bit of luck, you can now finally buy official BT21 merchandise and official + unofficial BTS and selected other Kpop groups merchandise in London as well.

Where to buy BT21 and BTS merchandise in London

1. Oseyo Chinatown Branch London

Oseyo is Korean food and culture hub with multiple stores all across London that now also stocks some Line Friends merchandise.

Oseyo Chinatown branch in London stocks about two and a half racks of CDs, posters, stationery, towels, books and other bits and bobs.

Prices of BT21 merchandise are about double what you would pay in Line Friends Store in Korea and in line of what you would pay on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and Instagram to unofficial resellers.

The stock is not consistent and it varies, at my last visit, there were mostly CDs, posters and some BT21 socks for sale.


BT21 Flake Masking Tape RJ - £7.35

BT21 Standing Sticky Memo-Pad RJ - £5.59

BT21 Pop-Up Card RJ - £3.69

BT21 4 Pencil Set - £3.99

Oseyo Chinatown

Address: 73-75 Charing Cross Rd, London WC2H 0NE

Opening Times: 9 AM - 9 PM

Oseyo Website

Oseyo Instagram

Closest tube stations:

1 minute walk from Leicester Square Station tube station

5 minute walk from Covent Garden tube station

7 minute walk from Tottenham Court Road tube station

2. SOKOLLAB Soho Store

Sokollab is online K-Beauty and K-Pop store with a brand new permanent store located at Soho Square Garden.

Besides K-beauty and K-Pop albums, they also sell BT21 merchandise that can also be bought from their online store. I've heard there might be more products coming in the future... Fingers crossed!

There store also has a cute little balcony / sitting area where you can relax and chat with fellow Kbeauty and Kpop lovers.

SOKOLLAB is located about five minutes walk away from the Oseyo Soho (Chinatown branch). I would say the SOKOLLAB pricing is closer to the original prices and more affordable than Oseyo one.


Address: 19 Soho Square, Soho, London W1D 3QN

Opening Times: Mon 12:30-18:30, Tues-Sat 12:00-18:30, Sun 12:00-17:30


SOKOLLAB Instagram

Closest tube stations:

1 minute walk from Leicester Square Station tube station

5 minute walk from Covent Garden tube station

7 minute walk from Tottenham Court Road tube station

3. HMV

This music retailer (various locations) stocks: BTS CDs, calendar and posters. They also stock BT21 mugs, card holders and badges.

4. GAZA Cafe - Birthday Events

Gaza Cafe is Korean cafe located in Soho, less than five minutes walk down the road from Sokollab. They serve Korean style desserts and they also organise Kpop birthday events in London.

Idol birthday events are popular across parts of Asia. Fans in collaboration with cafes decorate cafes with Idols' photos and signature art, they prepare special drinks and cup sleeves. There are a lot of freebies given out like fanart and photocards. There is of course a lot of photo-opps, and birthday boy's/girl's videos are played on the tv screens.

Gaza Cafe Soho

Address: 47 Greek St, Soho, London W1D 4EE

Opening Times: Monday - Sunday, 12 PM - 11 PM

Gaza Cafe Soho Instagram

5. ARTBOX Covent Garden (London) & ARTBOX Cafe (Brighton)

ARTBOX is a shop in the heart of Covent Garden where you can buy cute authentic character goods, stationery and homeware from Japan, and other kawaii inspired brands. They now also carry authentic BT21 merchandise.

If you can't visit their shop in London, you can also make a purchase on their website. They offer shipping worldwide and free UK shipping.

ARTBOX Covent Garden

Address: 44-46 Shelton St, West End, London WC2H 9HZ, United Kingdom

ARTBOX Covent Garden Instagram

ARTBOX online shop

I LOVE themed cafes, that's why I had the time of my life in Seoul where I visited all the BT21 shops and BT21 themed cafes. And now we have a BT21 themed cafe in Europe as well! You will find it in Brighton, where ARTBOX just renovated their cafe (that is attached to the boutique that sells official BT21 goods) with a BT21 theme.

Besides the cafe being painted in pastel colours and decorated with cute BT21 characters, you can also order BT21 themed food and drinks.

Prices of sit down menu foods range from £8 to £9 and drinks range from £2.5 to £5. They also have gluten-free options.

BT21 MENU ARTBOX Cafe Brighton

💙🐨 KOYA Fruity Doughnut filled with jam, blueberry ice cream and a salted caramel macaron

🤍🦙 RJ Omnomnom Curry with sticky rice

💛🐶 CHIMMY Corn Soup dish served with garlic butter, baguette slices, and special shaped bread

💜🦄 MANG Sundae with pudding

💖🐰 CHIMMY Hot Dog with chips

❤️ 👽 TATA Ice Cream

🤎🍪 SHOOKY Waffles

I know where I'm going first when we're allowed to travel again. 💛

ARTBOX Cafe (Brighton)

Address: 5-6 East St, Brighton BN1 1HP, United Kingdom

ARTBOX cafe Instagram

6. Online

If you don't mind paying insane shipping fee (£14.99 😬), you can order BT21 from the Line Friends Amazon UK official store.


You can often find various BT21 items in online store Ippoyo which is based in Slovenia, but they do ship all over Europe. They have the most reasonable resale prices I have seen so far (for a shop based in Europe). The offer includes pillows, stationery, headbands and much more. They carry BT21 and BT21 Baby items.

If you are based in The Netherlands, then Hey! BT21 also carries a decent selection of BT21 goods, however, I feel the price is quite high there.


Follow me on Instagram and let me know if you know of any other BT21 shops in London, UK or Europe.



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