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Vending Machine Cafe Zapangi (자판기) Seoul

Zapangi - The famous pink vending machine cafe in Seoul.

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Seoul is famous for its numerous themed coffee shops. In a city where aesthetic of a cafe is more important than what coffee they serve, one has to have a killer concept to break through the crowd.

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Anyone that knows me, knows I am a sucker for an aesthetic and photogenic cafe. So when I have found out that there is a cafe in Seoul whose entrance is a pink vending machine and its cakes, pancakes and drinks are unicorn and mermaid themed, it was a no brainer to put down on my bucket list of places to visit in Seoul.

Zapangi (자판기) is without doubt the most famous coffee shop in Mangwon (Neighbourhood in Seoul) and one of the most aesthetic cafes in Seoul. The iconic vending machine door probably attracting influencers, tourists and design lovers more than the coffee they serve.

Cakes are served in cute tins with mermaid tails sticking out and you can get your mocha topped up with a pastel rainbow whipped cream and sprinkles. They also sell unicorn decorated doughnuts and milk tea in cute glass bottles. Seasonal offers make for a great excuse to revisit the place over and over again.

There is even a machine where you can make personalised transportation card!

I have really liked the interior of this place as it is big, bright and airy. It is probably not the best for larger gatherings as the seating plan is more suited for two people sharing improvised tables at the same time.

Left picture is a courtesy of @isabellekravanja

Zapangi Menu Prices

Coffee will cost you between 4 500 KRW and 5 500 KRW

Milk Tea will cost you between 5 500 KRW and 7 000 KRW

Tin Cakes will cost you between 6 500 KRW and 7 000 KRW

(please note prices might have changed)

Whilst prices might be a bit higher than in your average coffee shop, they are quite in line with other aesthetic and themed cafes of Seoul.