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15 Best Hong Kong Photography Spots with a Map

Never has a term Concrete Jungle fit more to any other city I have visited than it does to Hong Kong.

Densely populated city might sound boring and unattractive to some people at first. However, there's nothing boring about it. Hong Kong is full of colour and green spots (40% of Hong Kong's territory is actually country park and nature reserve) if you know where to look.

Besides numerous parks, historical temples, and street markets, Hong Kong is one of the best cities in the world to visit for lovers of street photography.

I have collected my top 15 Instagram and aesthetic spots and put them together in this handy little photo spot guide that will help you discover Hong Kong.

You can find a map with all the locations at the bottom of this page.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and I am not receiving any compensation for writing this. Any links included in this post are not affiliate links and I'm only including them for reader's convenience. I am writing this because I want to share my experience with you.

1. Hong Kong Disneyland

Not only the happiest place on earth but also one of the most instagrammable places in Hong Kong. Disneyland in Hong Kong is a must visit no matter if you are traveling solo or not and no matter what age you are.

It might be on the smaller side but that just means you have a very relaxing day and you do not have to rush from attraction to attraction to see everything.

Character themed foods are a must try.

2. Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery (Man Fat Sze)

If you are on a look out for slightly "off the beaten track" things to do in Hong Kong, visiting Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery should be on top of your list. This is also a great place to escape hustle and bustle of the city for a few hours.

A short ride out of the city in Sha Tin you can find this mid-20th century Buddhist temple. You will have to walk uphill and climb over 400 stairs but you will be rewarded with a beautiful view from the top. Besides, you can admire hundreds of golden statues lining the path uphill. Every one of them has a unique facial expression!

The area is also known as home to wild monkeys and if you are lucky they might even cross your path.

TIP: From Sha Tin MTR station walk towards the shopping centre with Ikea. Look out for a narrow bushy pathway disappearing behind the building to find the trail that leads up to the monastery. It can be a bit tricky to find so if you are not sure where to go, observe where other people are going. I accidentally climbed a different mountain before I finally got to the top of my intended destination. :D

Place is free to visit but do bring a lot of water with you as the climb can be quite strenuous.

3. Po Fook Hill Cemetery

Po Fook Hill is actually a cemetery located right next to Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery and I have accidentally ended up here instead of the monastery.

If you are looking for under the radar things to photograph in Hong Kong then this is a place you should visit. Also the view from the top is absolutely gorgeous.

4. Victoria Peak

The highest hill on the Hong Kong Island is one of the most famous tourist spots in the city. And for a reason. The view from the top is absolutely stunning!

TIP: Take a very steep cable car to the top. Be there early as the queue for the cable car (even if you pre book a ticket) can be quite long. On a busy day don't be surprised if you will have to wait for more than an hour for your ride up. Also check the weather forecast and visit the peak when the visibility is good. You do not want to miss the beautiful views due to the bad fog or smog.

5. Monster Building - Yik Cheong Building (Quarry Bay)

Probably one of the most famous and Instagrammed spots in Hong Kong. Please note that this is a residential building and make sure to not disturb the residents and their daily lives.

6. Choi Hung Estate (Kowloon)

Choi Hung Estate is home to over 18 000 people and it is thought that it received its rainbow colours as an attempt from the government to lift the spirits of the residents. Choi Hung means"Rainbow" in Chinese and is thus a fitting name for such a colourful building.

You will have to go on top of the car park to reach the basketball court that is famous for its colourful backdrop.

TIP: Come here early as the court is packed with local kids playing basketball, residents enjoying their free time, and of course numerous photographers and tourists trying to get that perfect shot.

7. Nan Lian Gardens

This was one of my favourite spots in Hong Kong and it also represents another green spot opportunity for you to escape the busy city life.

This Chinese classical garden is designed in the Tang Dynasty-style with hills, water features, trees, rocks, and wooden structures.

8. Chi Lin Nunnery

Located next to Nan Lian Gardens is a large Buddhist temple constructed completely without the use of any nails and it is currently the world's largest hand-made wooden building.

9. Victoria Harbour at Night

Head down to the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront between Hong Kong Cultural Centre and the Avenue of stars for a Symphony of Lights show. The free show starts at 8PM and lasts for about 10 minutes.