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Ihwa Mural Village Seoul (이화동벽화마을)

Ihwa Mural Village is one of the most colourful parts of Seoul and it is perfect for a half day trip when visiting South Korea's capital city.


Now one of the most colourful parts of Seoul, Ihwa Village used to be run down neighbourhood. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism carried out revitalization of the village under the “Art in City Project”in 2006. Colourful murals and street art were added in an effort to revitalize the area.

This was one of my favourite places to visit. Even though it is a bit of a hike (the village is set up on a hill), beautiful murals and the view from the top are definitely worth it! This place is a must visit for photography and street art lovers.

The village was also a set of many Korean Dramas which brought additional exposure and popularity. Popularity of the Village brought influx of tourists which caused many issues for local long-term residents. Anyone visiting the village should follow some of the common courtesy rules:

1. Respect privacy of the residents

2. Do not enter private property

3. Do not litter

4. Keep the noise down

5. Do not write or mark the walls

The beautiful view from the top of the village

Expect queue at "The Wings".

BTS everywhere

Can you spot N Seoul Tower?

This was one of my favourite pieces. It was on a front of a gallery and coffee shop which was sadly closed when we were there.

Ihwa Mural Village is most definitely every street art and graffiti lover's dream.


Ihwa Mural Village (이화동벽화마을)

Address (English): 6-18 Ihwa-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea Address (Korean): 서울특별시 종로구 이화동 6-18

Ihwa Mural Village Direction:

  • Ride Line 4 subway and get down at Hyehwa Station, Exit 2

  • Follow directions for Naksan Park


Ihwa Mural Village is definitely worth a visit if you like picturesque scenery, independant cute coffee shops and wish to escape from the busy city life for an afternoon.

There are so many murals and art pieces scattered around the place it would probably take you days to find them all. Be aware that some of the most popular art pieces you might see on older blog posts have been covered up by the locals who were displeased by the sudden influx of tourists and loss of privacy. Please respect the locals if you visit the area!

Share your favourite piece of art in the comments below or send me a message on Instagram.



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